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Meadowfields Community School

Summer clean up went well at Meadowfields Community School! Kelley has been working with the Facility Manager of this building for the past five years. This relationship has developed into a great partnership between Nova Learning Inc. and Action Janitorial Supplies Ltd. Meadowfields has been using Buckeye products exclusively for the past five years and the results are excellent! This includes all cleaning products, floor care products, and Buckeye Symmetry hand soap. 

John Parsons (Night Shift Supervisor), Greg Leblanc (Day Porter), Harry Frost (Facility Manager), Tom Warburton (Custodian)

John Parsons (Night Shift Supervisor), Greg Leblanc (Day Porter), Harry Frost (Facility Manager), Tom Warburton (Custodian)

 Well maintained floors can completely change the look and feel of a building and Meadowfields Community School has outstanding looking floors. They began their floor care program using both Castleguard floor finish and Citation floor finish depending on the area of the school. Two years ago Buckeye introduced their newest finish, Clarion. Meadowfields has switched to using only Clarion and they have had amazing results. We are very pleased to see how well our products are working in this school and look forward to a long-lasting relationship here. 

If you would like to try Buckeye floor finish for yourself we would be happy to quote you on some different choices! Clarion is actually a no buff finish. You can buff it, but it doesn't need to be buffed to stay in great shape! This can minimize your labor efforts but quite a bit depending on how often you normally buff your floors. If you would like buffing to continue to be part of your maintenance routine Castleguard is a finish that responds very well to buffing! Please call us for quotes or more information at (888) 454-0807! We can also be reached by e-mail at