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Top 5 Dirtiest Areas in a Restaurant

Do you ever stop frequenting a restaurant because of their cleanliness standards? According to Cintas Corp. many people do. The following are what they have deducted to be the top five dirtiest areas in a restaurant:

1. Floors
2. Bathrooms
3. Tables
4. Staff
5. Kitchen

Luckily for you, we carry cleaning and sanitation products for all five! These would be our recommendations for each problem area:

1. Floors  - Depending on the type of floor your restaurant has, it may need to be coated with floor finish. Floor finish not only makes your floor look shiny and new, it also creates a protective layer on top of your floor. This means that dirt will not seep into your floors and will be easier to clean. We have a range of floor strippers and finishes available for both tile and wood flooring! Our most popular is Buckeye Clarion floor finish because it does not require buffing and stands up well in high traffic areas, such as a restaurant with tables and chairs that will rub against the floor. 

2. Bathrooms  - Bathrooms should not only look clean, they should be properly disinfected on a regular basis. We have tub and tile, as well as porcelain cleaner. We also have hospital grade disinfectant called Sanicare TBX which will disinfect against almost everything! Our warehouse is also stocked with sponges, rags, toilet bowl brushes, etc.

3. Tables  - Of course you must be diligent about clearing tables off but to take cleanliness to the next level you can spray down your tables with Sani Q disinfectant. This product was developed specifically for the food industry and it is completely food safe.

4. Staff  - Unfortunately you cannot always control the appearance of your staff. However, we do have an excellent hand soap that would lead to a significant decrease in the spread of germs. Our Symmetry hand soap comes in a pouch that fits right into a dispenser. This is much more cleanly than a bulk soap dispenser where you pour the soap in because there is no opportunity for bacteria to grow within the bag. Bulk soap dispensers are often full of bacteria unless you take it off of the wall and sanitize it after it becomes empty each time.

5. Kitchen  - Although the kitchen is not usually visible to patrons, it is really the most important place to keep clean. We have many products that are used in kitchens but our most popular are Foodmaster degreaser and Sani Q disinfectant. These products are both specially formulated for use in kitchens and are completely food safe. 

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