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Letter of Reference from the IWK

 April 20, 2011

To whom it may concern:

Kelley Zinck has requested that I provide her with a letter of reference and I am pleased to comply. I have worked with Kelley in her role with Action Janitorial supplies over the last several years.

As the IWK health Center is a large organization, it is imperative that Quality supplies are delivered to us on a consentient bases with out any interruption

Kelley working with Action Janitorial has gone out of their way to ensure that any product I require for my daily operations at the IWK health center has been received on time and at the lowest price point available to us.

Kelly on more then one occasion has delivered supplies personally to us, when the material was required urgently.

Action Janitorial as an origination has a large section of products to which to chose from, and have been able to source specialty items when I have required.

I would definitely recommend Action Janitorial to fulfill any role required as a supplier, and Kelley Zinck as your sales representative. I welcome the opportunity to respond to references on their behalf. I can be contacted at (902) 470-7076,


Operation Manger

Crothall Services Canada, a member of Compass Group
IWK Health Center