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Tips for extending the life of your floor finish

Does your floor become dull looking soon after laying finish or re-coating? This could be caused by the cleaner you are using on your floor. Any cleaner that is not pH neutral can cause it to not last as long. To extend the life of your finish (and save money on product and labour) you should use a pH neutral cleaner as opposed to an all purpose cleaner or degreaser. 

We carry three varieties of pH neutral cleaner in 3.78L jugs, 5L Smart Sacs, and 18.9L Action Packs. Straight Up is our standard neutral cleaner, True 7 is a Green Seal Certified version of the same product, and Crossbow is a non-foaming neutral cleaner designed for use in autoscrubbers. 

Features of Straight Up from product literature:

Buckeye Straight-Up is a true pH neutral cleaner. Across the nation, water sources vary above and below neutral or the pH of 7. When added to water, Straight-Up automatically adjusts the solution to neutral, regardless of the water source’s pH. This means Straight-Up is safer for your floors. Straight-Up also has an excellent detergent system, providing tough cleaning power not found in competitive pH neutral products. This neutral cleaning action makes Straight-Up ideal for both floor care.

Suggested Use Dilutions
Autoscrubbers: 1 oz./gallon of water
Light soils: 1 oz./gallon of water
Normal soils: 2 oz./gallon of water
Heavy soils: 3 oz./gallon of water