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Did you know we have a drain digester?

Do you have a restaurant? Are you in need of an effective grease trap treatment system? If so, please stop by our showroom or give us a call. We can provide you with information and training on our BioDrain control grease and waste digester bacterial enzyme grease trap treatment system. The benefits provided by this product include: 

- Unclogs drain lines and grease traps
- No caustics, acids or solvents (natural non-pathogenic active bacteria), non toxic
- Digests the cause of odors (grease, fat, paper, proteins, carbohydrates and soap scum)
- Digests a broad spectrum of organic waste throughout the entire drain system to greatly reduce the build up in the grease trap, resulting in lower maintenance costs
- Reduces disposal costs (pumping, landfill fees, service calls, waste-water treatment fines)
- Highly resistant to free chlorine disinfectants and sanitizes 
- Resists hot water to 200 degree Fahrenheit 

BioDrain Control is available in a 946ML bottle, a 4L Jug, and a 20L pail. 

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