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ISSA Trade Show

Adrian and Kelley, two of our sales representatives, spent last week in Chicago at this year's ISSA Interclean trade show. This international conference showcases new and innovative products. This years mission statement for the conference was "Reimagine clean".

Some of the ideas and products that Adrian and Kelley thought were interesting are described below:

Nex-Terra Food Service Products

These garbage bins and recycle stations are made up of 97% type 2 recycled plastic. Plastic will not rot, or splinter like wood, and can even be recycled again! It is always great to see a company taking steps to turn our economy into a more closed loop system by reusing and recycling. Feel free to check out their website to find out a little bit more about their products.

National Tissue Company

We already work with National Tissue Company to provide our clients with Green Seal Certified toilet tissue and paper towel. At the trade show we found out about new hand sanitizing wipes offered by this company. They are a pop-up wipe that fits into a dispenser and they are alcohol free. These are ideal for grocery stores, day cares, and schools. 

Kaivac Cleaning Systems

This company has a product called The OmniFlex AutoVac. This high performance floor machine is able to rival the performance of an auto scrubber at a small fraction of the cost. This can provide a very cost effective way to improve cleaning efficiency. A picture can be found below...

Buckeye International Inc.

Buckeye has created a whole new dispensing system for their products, and new products to go with it. They call it the Buckeye Eco Proportioning System. With this system there is no need for an Action Rac (dispensing system shelf) or Action Packs (18.9L sized chemical containers). This dispenser attaches directly to the wall and is filled with small plastic bags containing super concentrated cleaning chemicals. This system is more environmentally friendly because there is so much less packaging being used (although all Buckeye chemicals come in recyclable packages regardless). These smaller packages also take up much less space in trucks when being shipped, further increasing their environmental efficiency.