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Pressure Washer SALE!

We have a limited number of in stock Karcher pressure washers that are available for 20% off the list price!! The price range of in stock models, including discount, is $685.00 - $4995.00. There are cold water, hot water, and food service models. This means there is something available for a variety of budgets and applications!  If you would like to know more about this fantastic deal, or about which models we have in stock, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-454-0807.


20 Reasons to Buy a Karcher Classic:

1. Down-draft burner - 92% efficient, 25% less fuel consumption
2. Total stop - Complete shutdown of motor and burner from trigger
3. Axial pump - Fewer moving and serviceable parts
4. Water cooled motor - Helps to maintain a cool running motor
5. Low water shut off - Unit will not operate if water is low
6. Scale-inhibiting system - Helps to minimize scale build up 
7. SDS Soft-dampening system - Reduces stress on key components
8. High temperature cut off - prevents overheating of burner
9. On-board detergent tank - Unit houses two tanks
10. High-pressure chemical application - Applies at high pressure
11. Precise chemical metering - Choose from 1-6% solution
12. Power nozzle - Increases performance up to 40% over standard
13. Easy press trigger gun - Ergonomic design for operator comfort
14. Premium high pressure hose - Live swivel hose rated to 311 degrees
15. Stainless steel lance with precise angle bend - Swivels 360 degrees
16. O-ring sealed fittings - Hand tighten, no tools required
17. Steam Stage - High temperature vapor cleans heavy oils and grease 
18. Low fuel & oil shut off - Protects fuel & water pump from running dry
19. Service lights - Provides on-board diagnostics
20. Complete machine cover - Protects all internal components