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Ice Melt Season is Upon us

We're sad to say it but its starting to get pretty chilly out there in Halifax and throughout the province. We had our first frost warning of the season last week. You know what that means? Its time to start thinking about ice melt and safe-t-salt for your facility. We have a range of brands and products to suit all budgets. We offer ice melt and salt at competitive prices by the bag and by the pallet to help you save on costs. 

We also have a range of environmentally friendly ice melt products. Some of our products, such as Mountain Organic Natural Ice Melter actually help your natural landscaping and fertilize your property! Why not kill two birds with one stone? It is not harmful for groundwater and it is safe for your pets! 

Please contact us for a quote today! We can be reached by phone at (888) 454-0807, by e-mail at, or at our showroom, located at 6438 Bayers Road in Halifax. We look forward to helping you meet your ice melting needs!