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Chemspec Professional Carpet Care

Since we opened we have been dedicated in selling the highest quality products on the market. That's why we recently became a distributor of Chemspec products. Please see the message below from Chemspec themselves describing how their company began. To learn more about their products call us at 1-888-454-0807 or stop by our showroom at 6438 Bayers Road, Halifax, NS. 

A Cleaning Pioneer 

Back in 1968, Chemspec launched one of the first lines of professional cleaning solutions. The industry was just beginning to understand how using premium cleaning products could actually save money and labor costs and provide much better results. Amazing how far we have come from the old carpet "shampooing" methods!

Believe it or not, cleaners used to buy degreasers from the local hardware store and cleaned with laundry detergent! I remember cleaning with a product that resembled Tide, and nobody had heard of using prespray.  It was just scrub-and-suck cleaning, but we sure thought we were taking the cleaning world by storm.

Biosolv® Booster Breakthrough

Chemspec helped change all that by pioneering products specifically for cleaning professionals. One of Chemspec's most significant innovations was the introduction of Biosolv, a citrus solvent booster. Its cleaning effectiveness was unrivalled, and many manufacturers followed suit.

Using a citrus solvent booster soon became the industry standard. And for good reason. Citrus solvents help to break down and emulsify greasy oils and soils far better than relying on the pH of the solution. Today, many Chemspec products feature the Biosolv booster.

Continued Innovation

Chemspec continues to bring cleaning innovations to the market. Whether you clean high-end residences or heavily soiled greasy restaurant carpets, ChemSpec has a cleaning solution to help you get the ultimate clean with minimum labor costs. And with our new Professional Cleaning Guides - available for free at - you can easily find the best application and step-by-step instructions for every type of cleaning challenge.

The Industry Standard for Cleaning Solutions

Professional cleaners rely on ChemSpec cleaning products, the Gold Standard in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, because they outperform other products and create happy, loyal, repeat customers.