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Mid-Winter Update from Action Janitorial Supplies Ltd.

How is winter treating you? Here at Action we are keeping busy! All of the snow and cold weather has meant that we have been distributing lots of salt, ice melt, and entrance matting. If it is within your budget, ice melt is a great alternative to salt because it is less harmful to the earth. We have a variety of types of ice melt available. One type that we carry is completely pet friendly and it even acts as a fertilizer to enhance the growth of vegetation! Entrance matting is essential at this time of year to protect the floors in your facility. Having proper matting in your building(s) can significantly decrease maintenance costs associated with cleaning salt off of floors and minimize the required frequency of refinishing the floor. 

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Meghan is in the office for most of the week this week as she has a spring break from university. This morning she was busy re-stocking the shelves in the showroom. We even had a visit from Kelley and Adrian's dog, Bella today! We have a large amount of fantastic products available in our showroom but we have an even broader range of products in our warehouse. If you ever stop in and do not see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to ask about it. Our warehouse contains a full range of janitorial and sanitation supplies! We hope you are having a great winter and if we can help you make it a little bit better by implementing a new cleaning program or a new entrance matting system please call us at (888) 454-0807!