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Marino-Vileda Swep Duo System

The Swep Duo System is an innovative new mopping system from Vileda. It is optimized for health care facilities and nursing homes. The focus of this system is ergonomics and efficiency for the person using it. In addition to the overall design, there is efficiency added because these microfiber mops are double sided! This means you can ensure better cleaning economy for your facility. For a visual demonstration, take a look at Viledas demo video here. If you are interested on pricing please contact us by telephone at (902) 454-0807 or by e-mail at

Two-sided mops = twice the cleaning area
The new Swep Duo System gives you the same great cleaning performance on both sides of the mop. This means up to the double area cleaned by each mop, and half as many mop swaps. It’s quite obvious that this saves cleaning time, b ut it also means a lot of other savings.

Fewer mops = lower costs
If you’re looking for cost cuts, you’ll soon discover that fewer mops have to be purchased, washed and prepared. And fewer mops have to be brought to the cleaning area. Lower costs? Of course, and besides – you can still keep on using your single-sided Swep mops. Which means that the initial investments can be kept down, and you’ll have maximum flexibility right away. 

A new standard in ergonomics = healthier staff
The Swep Duo System is designed to relieve and facilitate, in every detail. One example is the new, ergonomically designed and colour-coded handle with various hand positions and a soft rounded top, shaped Then note the low weight and the quick, distinct handle to suit the palm.length adjustment. Experience the easiness of flipping the frame around, and how simple it is to change mops. No strange features, just smart solutions. But totally unique for the Swep Duo System.

A Complete System = solves every task
 The Swep Duo System is a complete, highly efficient floor cleaning system. Two different types of two-sided microfibre mops cover most application areas, and you can easily clean floors, stairs and walls as well as ceilings with Swep Duo System. Thanks to the trapezoid shape of the frame it’s also easy to clean in corners and other hard-to-reach spaces. The jointed 3D-connection between handle andframe makes it easy to manoeuvre the mop – even in rooms tightly packed with furniture. The Swep Duo System is perfect for office environments, residential properties and schools, but also suitable for healthcare, hotels and restaurants. So if you want to make a difference when it comes to ergonomics and economy – choose Swep Duo System. Twice as intelligent.