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Rave Review of Buckeye Ripsaw Floor Stripper

Capital Health recently tested Buckeye Ripsaw floor stripper on their hospital floor due to complaints about their usual stripper. The product they had been using had a very offensive odor and was receiving many complaints. The occupational hygienist did various tests on our product and came up with the following conclusion:

"The Buckeye Ripsaw material can be used safely and with little or no odor. It will be much more acceptable to Capital District Health Authority staff, patients, and visitors."
- Dan Wurster, CDHA Occupational Hygienist 

Buckeye has always been committed to providing healthy and safe products for the people using the products and the environment. We were pleased but not surprised by this conclusion. Try Ripsaw, or any other Buckeye product, for yourself and see how gentle and effective these products are!

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