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What sets Action apart from the rest...

Is your business looking for a new janitorial supplies company to purchase from? Maybe you are wondering what your options are, or maybe your business just opened and you have not found a supplier yet. Let us tell you what sets us apart from our competitors...

1) Commitment to outstanding customer service - At Action Janitorial Supplies our sales representatives and in house sales team are always willing to put in all effort possible to ensure the customer is happy. We connect with our clients and work very hard to meet their individual needs. We work with churches, restaurants, property management companies, hospitals, retirement facilities, school boards, etc. to help them save money and keep their facilities in top condition. 

2) Experience - All of our sales staff have been in this industry for many years. We have a wealth of knowledge of chemicals, equipment, garbage bags, and all other cleaning and sanitation necessities. We also have proven cleaning programs that we teach to your janitorial staff at no charge. We want you to be able to clean as efficiently as possible, resulting in savings of labor and money for you. 

3) Environmental Commitment - We provide a full line of green seal certified cleaning chemicals. All of our chemicals come in recyclable packaging. All cleaning chemicals can be harmful to the environment to various degrees. However, by assisting you in streamlining your cleaning processes we hope to help you reduce your chemical use. By providing quality products that last, we help to reduce the amount of waste destined for a landfill. 

If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via our contact information on our "Contact Us" page. Our phone number is 454-0807 and the rest of our contact info can be found on that page. We are always happy to be able to help.