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Chemspec Professional Carpet Care

Since we opened we have been dedicated in selling the highest quality products on the market. That's why we recently became a distributor of Chemspec products. Please see the message below from Chemspec themselves describing how their company began. To learn more about their products call us at 1-888-454-0807 or stop by our showroom at 6438 Bayers Road, Halifax, NS. 

A Cleaning Pioneer 

Back in 1968, Chemspec launched one of the first lines of professional cleaning solutions. The industry was just beginning to understand how using premium cleaning products could actually save money and labor costs and provide much better results. Amazing how far we have come from the old carpet "shampooing" methods!

Believe it or not, cleaners used to buy degreasers from the local hardware store and cleaned with laundry detergent! I remember cleaning with a product that resembled Tide, and nobody had heard of using prespray.  It was just scrub-and-suck cleaning, but we sure thought we were taking the cleaning world by storm.

Biosolv® Booster Breakthrough

Chemspec helped change all that by pioneering products specifically for cleaning professionals. One of Chemspec's most significant innovations was the introduction of Biosolv, a citrus solvent booster. Its cleaning effectiveness was unrivalled, and many manufacturers followed suit.

Using a citrus solvent booster soon became the industry standard. And for good reason. Citrus solvents help to break down and emulsify greasy oils and soils far better than relying on the pH of the solution. Today, many Chemspec products feature the Biosolv booster.

Continued Innovation

Chemspec continues to bring cleaning innovations to the market. Whether you clean high-end residences or heavily soiled greasy restaurant carpets, ChemSpec has a cleaning solution to help you get the ultimate clean with minimum labor costs. And with our new Professional Cleaning Guides - available for free at - you can easily find the best application and step-by-step instructions for every type of cleaning challenge.

The Industry Standard for Cleaning Solutions

Professional cleaners rely on ChemSpec cleaning products, the Gold Standard in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, because they outperform other products and create happy, loyal, repeat customers.


Infection Prevention and Control Canada

This year Halifax is hosting an anticipated 500 attendees for the IPAC Canada 2014 National Education Conference at the World Trade and Convention Centre. IPAC is a Canadian organization that aims to create a healthy atmosphere in health care facilities by promoting infection prevention and control through education, standards, advocacy, and consumer awareness. This conference is an opportunity presented by IPAC for health care professionals to network with suppliers and learn about up-to-date infectious control best practices. They can then take this information back to their facilities to promote optimal health and wellness.

As a local janitorial and sanitation supplier in Halifax we were pleased to hear that this conference is taking place in our city! As the only Buckeye International distributor in the province, we are extremely knowledgeable about cleaning and disinfecting. Buckeye International is known throughout North America for their high quality cleaning products. Our sales representatives have been in the sanitation industry for nearly thirty years! During this time they have collected a lot of knowledge about proper sanitation and how to use Buckeye's products to optimize the health of janitors and all other users of a building. 

The products that we will showcase at the trade show will be our hand hygiene product line and our quat based disinfectants. We sell Buckeye's Symmetry line of hand soap and sanitizer. We also have a variety of quat based disinfectants as well as exhilarated hydrogen peroxide products. These are just the highlights but we have many more products to offer! To learn more about these you can find us at booth 506 at the trade show or you can always call us at (888) 454-0807 or stop by our showroom at 6438 Bayers Road.

May Promotions!

Wow! Incredible Deals!
I'm sure you are in the spring cleaning mode at this time of year.
We are too!  We have found some old stock and we have amazing offers!

Located at 6438 Bayers Road, Halifax, NS,

Garbage Bags 42 x 54 xstrong 75/case  $15.00

Garbage Bags 30 x 38 Regular 200/case   $15.00

Gloves Blue Vinyl Medium and Large   $5.00

Gloves Nitrile Small, Medium and Large   $4.00

Gloves Embossed Polyethylene Large   $4.00


Mid-Winter Update from Action Janitorial Supplies Ltd.

How is winter treating you? Here at Action we are keeping busy! All of the snow and cold weather has meant that we have been distributing lots of salt, ice melt, and entrance matting. If it is within your budget, ice melt is a great alternative to salt because it is less harmful to the earth. We have a variety of types of ice melt available. One type that we carry is completely pet friendly and it even acts as a fertilizer to enhance the growth of vegetation! Entrance matting is essential at this time of year to protect the floors in your facility. Having proper matting in your building(s) can significantly decrease maintenance costs associated with cleaning salt off of floors and minimize the required frequency of refinishing the floor. 

eco green.jpg

Meghan is in the office for most of the week this week as she has a spring break from university. This morning she was busy re-stocking the shelves in the showroom. We even had a visit from Kelley and Adrian's dog, Bella today! We have a large amount of fantastic products available in our showroom but we have an even broader range of products in our warehouse. If you ever stop in and do not see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to ask about it. Our warehouse contains a full range of janitorial and sanitation supplies! We hope you are having a great winter and if we can help you make it a little bit better by implementing a new cleaning program or a new entrance matting system please call us at (888) 454-0807!

Benefits of Symmetry Products

FDA and Antimicrobial Hand Wash

FDA examines potential health risks associated with certain sanitizing agents in antibacterial and antimicrobial hand washes.

On December 16, 2013, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a statement that there was not enough evidence that antibacterial and antimicrobial hand washes help prevent the spread of germs, and is reviewing research suggesting that triclosan and other sanitizing agents in these hand washes may pose health risks.

What is triclosan?

Triclosan is a common ingredient added to consumer products including antibacterial and antimicrobial hand washes, to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination.

Triclosan health risks
Laboratory studies suggest triclosan may interfere with hormone levels, encourage the growth of drug-resistant bacteria, and could potentially raise human health risks including infertility, early puberty, and cancer.

FDA Proposed Rule requires product safety compliance. Noncompliance could result in removing products from market.
The FDA is working on a Proposed Rule (Tentative Final Monograph or TFM) on Consumer Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Hand Washes that will require manufacturers to prove these hand washes are safe to use. The FDA will finalize the Proposed Rule within two years, and the manufacturer compliance deadline is projected to be late 2016. Products not proven safe by the deadline will have to be reformulated, relabeled or removed from the market.



What is PCMX?

PCMX is an alternative active ingredient in Symmetry Antimicrobial Hand Wash. Unlike triclosan, PCMX does not have the reputation of posing potential health risks to humans and the environment.

If your facility requires an antimicrobial hand wash, consider Symmetry Antimicrobial Hand Wash.
Symmetry Antimicrobial Hand Wash contains 0.3% PCMX. In addition to its extensive efficacy data, it is formulated with maximum effectiveness while still being gentle to the skin.

Symmetry offers a complete line of hand hygiene product options for your specific needs.


Green Certified Hand Wash
Foam, Unscented

Hair, Hand and Body Wash
Liquid, Foam

Industrial Hand Wash

Hand Sanitizer
Liquid, Foam, Unscented