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More New Products!

We have been learning about a lot of new products lately! We are excited to be able to order these new products in and offer them to our clients. As soon as we hear about new products we like to share this info in hopes of helping our clients improve their cleaning systems and facilities. This morning our sales representatives learned about the Suma Optifill system from Diversey. This system has two products included - a detergent and a sanitizer.  The containers conveniently slip onto the dividers in your sink and provides automatic dilution by pouring water into a spout in the product container.This creates an extremely efficient wash, rinse, sanitize system in a typical three sink commercial kitchen. The product is highly concentrated so it lasts for a long time and creates less waste by reducing packaging in comparison to lower concentration formulas. If you have any questions about this product our sales staff are now fully informed on the benefits of this product. Anyone here would be happy to chat with you about this product or any of the others that we carry. Please feel free to call us at (888) 454-0807 or e-mail us at You can also find product literature and MSDS on Diversey's website.